A Team Comes Together

On the third day of Christmas, my daughters and I have sat down with Write the Story to write our second story based on the theme of A Team Comes Together.   For those writing along with us, the word prompts for this story are:

Rugby                Puppet                Balsam     Channel

Mozzarella         Marvel                Prism       Quarrel

Contain             Parents

A Team Comes Together  

If anyone should ask, I have the formula that will be seen as a marvel by parents everywhere who might think to bring together a rugby team in one meeting.  It may seem silly when seen through the prism of corporate geniuses who think they can channel their inner boss.  It requires the parents to have a paradigm shift in which the most dominant person present must convince the most resistant person present to come up with a delicious balsamic vinegar that contains mozzarella.  By bringing the parents together into the framework of teamwork, the team becomes one that fosters the cooperation necessary to become truly winning without falling under the domineering thumb of anyone or any of the contributing members feeling like a puppet of anyone else.

If it sounds silly, just give it a try and it quickly becomes clear to everyone how one must brainstorm and consider suggestions to make such a bland sort of cheese work well with aromatic herbs and spices to make for a good salad.  We worked on this and realized the importance of blending everyone’s particular skills and abilities just right.  By the end of the season, we had a great start toward a championship team and the strong desire to continue forward into the next season together more as a family than just another team.








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