Faith, Hope and Love

Love, Henry - Arm Chair Confessions

Faith, Hope and Love
by Michael Romani

Three French hens live their simplicity
In strict adherence to divine authority
Present in assent to supernatural revelation
Three steps past the original destination
This faith is one of God's own revealing
The simple truth without any need for concealing

Hope infuses and acts upon the will
In trust and confidence a soul reveals
A divinely placed bit of relevance
Making all the difference in its eloquence
It is the opposite of the sin of despair
As a gift from God that can and does repair

Divine love is an act of Godly charity
Cherishing God for His own sake and clarity
Wishing him all honor and all of the glory
Knowing our role is within His full story
A friendship of man and God in reciprocity 
It is lived in plural but also in singularity

There in our assent to our own bit of salvation
We find ourselves absorbed in an infatuation
That shines with the Holy Spirit's illumination
In no sense blind we feel our way to our destination
Tracing each moment in life with great forbearance
It's a labor of love laced with great endurance

In this unity of virtues there is a practical wisdom
It provides the insight and keys to the Holy Kingdom
This is the product of struggle and habitual grace
For those who attempt their best to look God in the face
As a testimony of truth in that which is infallibly found
Canonized this is the faithful love we hope to have found

(c) December 27, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Egg - Blue Hen  Line Up






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