Byzantine Beats

Christmas Lane -St Ncholas Sermonizes

Byzantine Beats
by Michael Romani

On the northwestern shore of Galilee 
There on its very highest point
Was where 8 maids milked lessons needed
Beatitudes presented that must be heeded
With two loaves and fish in a makeshift mass
Was taught humanity's greatest class

In apparitions of His spiritual ecstasy
Were the lessons brought in divine mercy
Those which were seen in nativity plays
In an adoration as the sweet baby lays
It was in Jesus that the common man would trust
Following His ways as best as we must

Setting the cornerstone for this community
When all of mankind knew again it was one family
Determined to map out that community of Beatitudes
Jesus the rabbi taught mankind the right attitudes
The faithful had gathered in prayer and communion
As hands joined hands at this devoted reunion

Blessed are the humble who are the kingdom of heaven
Always in worship, they share in the bread unleaven
Blessed are those who seek out comfort as they mourn
Giving all that they have to the babe who was born
They will inherit the earth, these among the meek
Who realize that wisest are those who continually seek

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for the light
Righteousness quenches them to be filled with delight
Knowing the truth of peace and not of any dark heresy
Those who live showing mercy shall also be given mercy
Blessed are the pure who keep their hearts of purity
Not giving way to transgression, it is God that they see

Blessed are all of those who seek to make peace
It is these Children of God who He finds do so please
Blessed are those who suffer under stern persecution
Even where it might lead to their own sad execution
For these who suffer most shall inherit the kingdom
Having found their way to the divine, sacred freedom

Blessed are those who are reviled, tormented and hated
When it is for the Father's sake they are so fated
Like the prophets before, they should rejoice and be glad
Knowing that their example is a sort of beacon to be had
That life can be led in the light as love so merciful
So says the counselor of peace; our Lord God so wonderful

Though in dark times it might seem much to bare insults
A Christ driven life consists of conditions and results
In this set of ideals based on love and blessed humility
We in our tormented humanity find our way home as family
In works of mercy, we learn to follow sparks of divinity
We indeed join together as the transcendent family

(c) January 2, 2017  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

A Christmas Poem - In the Cracks, We Find the Blessings



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