Aloha Promises Forever Supports The Iranian Protesters’ Demand For Freedom

“We will die. But we will take Iran back.”


Aloha Promises Forever stands behind the brave men and women of Iran as they speak for their human rights against their tyrannical government.

My father was an American officer who at points helped train Iranian officers before the fall of the Shah.  I am in no way saying the Shah was great.  But, I as a young teenager found much to admire about the Iranian families I met and befriended.  Just before they went back to face the consequences of the fall of the Shah, we attended an Iranian wedding.  To a man, every single one of them that I had come to know, knew that when they returned they would be executed.  They were men of great honor and did precisely that and were summarily executed.  I admit that has always been something I have held in my mind since.

I had asked the groom to please just stay in America with his beautiful bride and become Americans.  This was not his way.  I had pled as this young long haired musician to him that it’s better to be alive to fight another day than to go back to what was certainly coming.  He returned that sentiment by saying that right or wrong Iran was his country and that perhaps he might be of some service to Iran yet.  The use they had for him, I will not speak.  But to this day, it brings tears to my eyes.  He was a brave man.  His bride perhaps even braver.

Since then, it has been my pleasure of knowing many fine Iranians who did make the journey to America.   I respect them very much.

Aloha Promises Forever stands in solidarity with the people of Iran!!

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