First Principles: Experiments In Government Should Be Based On Honesty

“This I hope will be the age of experiments in government, and that their basis will be founded in principles of honesty, not of mere force.” — Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams, 1796

What it should never be besides one of tyranny is that which is based on the dishonest manipulation of data by so called experts.  There is no way that any honest person looked at ACA and thought that either it could feasibly be successful or that in any way could be good for America.

Conversely, I don’t think a principled person among us doesn’t believe that the health care system needs to be looked and reformed   But to have set up a system that methodically bankrupts the nation could never be the right answer.

There are a myriad of such points that might be made for a lot of what the Left believes it knows.  There are some points that the globalists of both camps need be honest about as well.   I will go so far that I believe that even those points that I believe to be honestly made on my side of all of this can be shown to be in honest error, this too must be done.  The decisions we make for America and indeed for the world and with the world should always be predicated on honest, thorough and even handed analysis.  We should then follow the truth wherever that might best lead.



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