Never Ceasing

Footprints In the Sand - A Prayer Unspoken

Never Ceasing
by Michael Romani

I have you in the depths of my soul
No doubt about whose in control
Looking for my faith to increase
Praying for my love to never cease

Such a simple concept to embrace
Living my life with God, face to face
Holding on each step in fullest measure
Keeping this gift as my greatest treasure

Efforts made that always seem to fail
Still stepping out in the finest detail
Shadows that fall felt in perfect recall
Transformed on the side of the wailing wall

Grow in faith by exposing my mind
To the Word of God never left behind
Faith comes by our precious hearing
In our respect and without fearing

Faith cannot grow without the soil
Of the Lord's Word in which we toil
All of this spoken for us to consume
As we enter joy and leave behind the gloom

Faith built on every good sort of meditation
Moving past the dark day's aggravation
Then put this into and live genuine prayer
Always mindful to keep God forever there

Mindfulness of God kept in our private seminary
Not in a grave like the worse kind of cemetery
Asking the Holy Spirit's gentle bit of intercession
Lived throughout our life's constant procession

How to pray right and properly is the question
God's guidance is given when asked without hesitation
There with God in a heartfelt sort of talk
One in which we follow up in our daily walk

With great faith we please our Father
Immersed in the word as sons and daughters
Living life like a spring time melody
Each hallelujah lived in prayerful harmony

(c) January 17, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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