Sonic Gems: The Yardbirds – Roger the Engineer

Formed in 1963, the English rock band The Yardbirds original lineup was Keith Reif, Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Paul Samwell-Smith.  From this core were launched the careers of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.  Their mid-1960s string of hits included For Your LoveHeart Full of SoulShapes of Things and Over Under Sideways Down.  

Though mostly a blues rock band noted for signature rave up instrumental breaks, The Yardbirds broadened their sound into pop, psychedelic rock and early hard rock.  Among their contributions to guitar innovations are the use of feedback, distortion and fuzztone.  Among the seeds sown and/or attributed to this monolithic band are psychedelic rock, punk, progressive rock and heavy metal.  When the band split up in 1968, Relf and McCarty formed Renaissance and Jimmy Page formed the New Yardbirds which became Led Zeppelin.  In the 1990s, The Yardbirds reformed.

Roger the Engineer was recorded and released in 1966.  Jeff Beck was the guitarist on all tracks.  The album was originally known as The Yardbirds.  Over time it became known by the Chris Dreja drawing of the audio engineer Roger Cameron that graced its cover.  Although the album sounds dated today, for its critical role and for the distinctive talents involved on this album, Aloha Promises Forever rates this album a 10 out of 10.

Roger the Engineer may be listened to here:



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