The Perfect Nanny

Samhain - Ravenghost Gothic Chapel

The Perfect Nanny
by Michael Romani

She didn't know how to die
Only how to give away death
The story revolves as to why
Perhaps, it is all she had left

The modality of a perfect nanny
For two quickly sprouted children
And their imperfect family
Who knew she'd fight and kill them

Sometimes the deeper question 
Is not who or how, but, why
Often asked with hesitation
And dreading the reply

What led to these moments so grisly
Was an innocuous bit of the 21st century
A mother returning to work from family
As the family acquired then need for a nanny

Oh the things that make a heart hurt
The 20/20 hindsight that was needed
Red flags missed by the tired and the alert
Where is God's mercy would be pleaded

How something begun in much love
Became such a horrifying travesty
Requires our God from above
To shine in His infinite mercy

Two children killed in their bath
Three sets of fingerprints
And despite wounds, they do the math
While parents cry for their lost children

The perfect nanny on her beautiful face
Until the worse sort of evil did surface
Satan laughs as he brings down his hammer
The mother cries as she stutters and stammers

No parent should ever have to bury their young
This is a truth of horror in a bell that's rung
No parent should ever have to come to find
That memories of their babies will haunt their minds

(c) February 2, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Diavolo Spooky Spookplace - A Murder Becomes You



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