The Howling Man

Rodeo In the Devil's Playground -  Sulpher & Brimstone Bridge

In a continuation of my promise to my eldest princess and based on
The Twilight Zone, Season 2: Episode 5:

The Howling Man
by Michael Romani

It seems that life will always have its frustrations
Some that lead us into exhausted prostration
Like when we seek out elusive truth
And then find that truth is a harsh sort of truth
A confrontation troubling man for all time
At least since we crawled out of primordial slime

It's exhausting to knock on that door of sanctuary
Seeking peace only to find another burden to carry
There on the outer edge of the Twilight Zone
Is a nightmare we carve out as our very own
In a thundering storm, he begins to tell his tale
About a post World War One hike on a very special trail

One night lost in a cold Central European storm
He banged on the door of a monastery seeking to be warm
The doorkeeper at the Hermitage allows him in
Almost silently, peacefully the horror begins
From inside a waiting cell, he hears the howling man
Startled he keeps keeping on as best he can

Between coughs, he explains his simple case
To Brother Jerome in a meeting face to face
Though seeking food and shelter, he is told to leave
He collapses exhausted, more tired than he can believe
Awaking again to that haunting, sorrowful howl
He stumbles to the howling man's door somehow

Ellington finds himself facing a pleading man
Imploring him as to the monks' madness as liars can
Casting his illusion of how this came to be
Telling of how he was merely kissing his love innocently
The monk had struck him over and over again and again
With a heavy cane from which he could not defend

The caged man spoke of a monk quite lecherous 
And how his imprisonment was quite treacherous
Religion makes madness seem a harmless thing
Painting brothers of truth in the dark light he brings
A shepherd's crook I hand, Jerome leads away
Ellington never guessing what he'd found that day

Jerome orders him to go this minute; not a second more
Still, the confused Ellington defends and implores
Arguing about why it is that he must immediately leave
Ellington falls further into the abyss that deceives
They start to fight and raised voices begin to yell
All about the howling man locked up in his lonely cell

Attempting to say no man is howling is no dissuasion
The good brother sees that the whole truth is his persuasion
And explains the being imprisoned is the devil himself
Satan , the Dark Angel escaped from his hellish shelf
Though an unworldly misfit, he offers his assurance
But none of it makes sense; nor does it cashier relevance

The brotherhood of truth fights against the lies
Honest and God fearing waiting for corruption's eyes
The staff of truth breaks up a world of deception
Regardless of who is giving words received with ill reception
The truth is what it is for those who will simply hear
And belief is the one barrier to passing through there

The Devil has power to always appear pleasing
In all forms and guises, deception is concealing
Wherever there is strife in this world filled with sin
You will the presence of the Devil, again and again
Always present and no matter where, he is always there
Acknowledging this is reason enough to know and fear

While some suffering of mankind teaching of man to endure
But, we cause most of our own troubled grief to be sure
It's only in caging the Devil that we can become free
Ellington listens feigning belief and promises secrecy
But being a doubting man, he cannot possibly win this fight
Doing the greatest wrong while believing it to be right

The master of deception pretends to be good
Feigning to be wronged and that he is by truth misunderstood
Arguing that God's followers are full of lies
The Devil stares pleading into a troubled soul's eyes
Until a brother of truth arrives to show him the way
Leaving the Devil with his own Hell to pay

Truth locks and bars the door to protect him
Because it is needed and not just for a whim
Keeping harm under truth's lock and key
The doubtful man thinks himself prisoner and not free
When truth sleeps, the key is stolen
And thief fools himself into thinking this is golden

Tip toeing past the bounds of sleeping security
The man comes to give Satan his undeserved liberty
The bind is lifted and Lucifer emerges
Because Ellington listened to his simple urges
He will remember all his life what he has done
In listening to deception instead of servants of the Son

Mankind's weakness is to see and yet not believe
Satan's strength is the illusions used to deceive
In that moment the good man devoted his life
To fight against evil despite all future strife
He tells his new maid to keep the howling man behind the door
His words but a whisper as her deafness makes her ignore

You can catch the Devil for sometime
Tricking yourself into thinking it is sublime
But, you'll never hold him for all that long
With a bit of deception and a wink, he is gone
So remember to always seek truth with all of your heart
Keeping evil locked up until your last breath departs

(c) February 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Winds of the Sahara Cabaret -  Devil Casts His Spell







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