First Principles: Power Directed Only By Human Wisdom and Benevolence Is Dangerous

“Power in any form … when directed only by human wisdom and benevolence is dangerous.” –John Adams, An Attempt to Land a Bishop in America, 1769

Someone once asked me here if I felt the Founding Fathers did not believe our founding documents and resultant government were not enough.  The query was broached in such a way as to appear at best argumentative.  I still think it best that we allow the Founding Fathers speak for themselves on this and every other subject.

Clearly, a significant portion of our founders if not all of them felt that nothing we did with absence of reverence for God was sufficient.  Clearly, the record stands that despite past attempts to paint some as Deists and even going so far as to try to frame a portion of these as atheists has long ago been disproven.

Beyond that, I do not quite understand the argument attempted.  It seems to me that everywhere that man has turned away from God has led to some really unsuccessful attempts to do so.  Not that I’d ever argue for a theocracy, simply tolerance toward all with a mind toward what God has to say on certain aspects of our governance being my preference.



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