Sonic Gems: Emerald Sapphire Gold (ESG) – Dance To the Best of ESG

Tracing back to its South Bronx formation in 1978, Emerald Sapphire & God aka ESG is a band that was seen a dynamic offering that influenced a wide range of musical genres including hip hop, post punk, disco and dance punk.  The track UFO  is one of the most sampled songs in history.

The band was named for the birthstones for Renee and Valerie  of the Scroggins sisters who made up the band along with their friend Tito Libran (on congas and vocals).  The gold was in anticipation of record certification.  Although not the sort of music I came up on and a little repetitive to me, I did find myself thinking the music is highly danceable.   So much so that I’m going to recommend it to Ms. Allyson Solo as a possible source of dance music for her routines she crafts together into some of the dance performance art you will ever see on Second Life.  For this reason, Aloha Promises Forever rates this compilation album an eight out of 10.

You may listen to the 2010 compilation, Dance To the Best of ESG here:







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