The Sound of Discussion

Bailey Family and Friends - Wooden Church On Back Bay Waters

The Sound of Discussion
by Michael Romani

Smiling to myself as they ask me
To watch a show that become our legacy
I've been watching it myself for half a century
As we watch this, I teach them the history

How a mad man led his people astray
And how that madness for a moment
Won its light for those days
In twisted concepts that madness foments

The ways in which a people
Lose their way outside the temple
And forget their country's relevance
As barbarity has its prevalence

Edelweiss brings tears to my eyes
And my daughters wonder why I cry
I speak to them of the fight to be free
And of my fears for our own country

As I watch the misled acting like brown shirts
I tell the girls the truth and why it hurts
That fascism has come to our country
In the guise of liberalism and what that means to me

To think that history's heroes fought
For values that have now been forgot
How intolerance for others' views
Is not something that freedom lovers would choose

Scenes change and we turn our minds to happier things
Like puppies and kittens and grasping for brass rings
That everything happy and sad belongs in a song
And that list of people we love will always be long

Discussions of misplaced moments of reliance
On the wrong person can seem like life not dalliance
Only to repair itself into the deep cover of night
When eyes open wide as we maybe weren't so very right

(c) March 13, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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