On Idealism and Its Defeat

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On Idealism and Its Defeat
by Michael Romani

Too often the rebuke of idealism
Can seem like only so much tribalism
Each convinced of an abstraction of right
Though differently seen in its perspective of light

Lives of practical politics has its machinery
Draped in honored graves of discarded finery
Like falling dominoes our ideals fall in flow
We lose our faith in the fundamentals as we grow

Into an impartiality of feigned indifference
That we then cling to as if its our preference
Such is the less than astute elegance
That provides its thin mask to hid our ignorance

Children of God; too often prodigies of imbecility 
Self assured we toss away even our civility
For refusing to hear and demanding we are understood
It is so hard to find the meaning of things that we should?

Too stern a belief in logic can be misleading
For all the dreams of truth that are exceeding
Because things are often not as they might seem
In fearlessness and in the faith of our dreams

It is a lethal chamber of brute force
These things of reason that reach our source
Illogics that are insisted on in our hearts not our heads
That part of each of us that wishes us dead

The center of everyman is the essence of our dreams
Even the death and insanity that brings our screams
Maybe that is a simplification of the sensational
But is a shallow critic who never sees the infinitesimal 

(c) March 17, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Tristan & Isolde - Filling the Frame of Heroism




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