Thought For the Day: Better To Silent Than Speak and Be Thought A Fool

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Maurice Switzer, in Mother Goose, Her Book

I do not know that I fully agree with this adage.  Maybe, I think, it is in how the speaking is done.  I have always operated for the mainstay that if I am uncertain of something, I willingly admit that uncertainty and offer my thought as how things appear to me.  The hope is that in doing so it fosters dialog.

The thing is that in my life, at various ages, I have held very diverse opinion as to what most seems true and at times had to contradict myself.  In this respect, life has often proven interesting.  I’ll remove doubt of what I mean along the way.  Of that you can be certain.

An interesting sidelight to the adage is that there is a great deal of controversy over who said this quotable quote.  Some ascribe it to Mark Twain.  Some to Abraham Lincoln.  Some try to attribute it to the Bible, but, while there are similar thoughts, this is not in the Bible.  It appears to have been first put into print by Maurice Switzer in 1906.  It appears in a book about Mother Goose’s wisdom.  We may never know where the statement actually comes from.  I like finding little bits of clarity about wrongly attributed quotes.  Do you?




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