To My Youngest On Reaching Nine

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To My Youngest On Reaching Nine
by Michael Romani

To my youngest on reaching age nine
What can I say, sweet angel of mine
But that I am proud of you each day
As I watch you grow up in every way

To my youngest on reaching age nine
Dear youngest daughter, sweet valentine
I treasure the moments that are past
Only wishing to hold on to what won't last

But loving how your young heart is filled
With thoughts and romances that have thrilled
Listening as you put on your thinking voice
Learning how you go about in making each choice

It was only yesterday that you crawled up to say
That we each were the same in so many ways
Same eyes, same smile, same laugh, a sameness apart
And I smiled with a tear and replied same heart

I have loved watching as I learned what you treasure
Standing aside as you learned and grew taking measure
Teaching you the very little that I might know
And admiring how you made your own way to think and grow

I admire how strong and brave you are in what you do
And I wonder if you realize the deep love I have for you
Only tonight as we sat eating cheese cake and talked
I sat there thinking back on all the times together we walked

Your young mind looks deep into your father's aging eyes
As I sit looking in yours as you learn each new happy surprise
I hope that you know how proud I am of you, daughter mine
As I watch you asleep after your party on reaching age nine

(c) May 25, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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