Twilight of the Gods


Kieth Richards In Another Night of Living Dead

Twilight of the Gods
by Michael Romani

Lately, it's seemed a little perverse
How many goodbyes, I've said in verse
As baby boomers meet the end of trajectory
And the twilight of the gods becomes history

I'm sure this will be some cause to shock
But, there's a lot of 'was' in classic rock
As the edges of my own life come closing in
I find myself listening back once more and again

Back to the solid base of my childhood's roots
Solid walls of sound and someone's electric boots
These were the gods who lived and breathed
Those up and coming will find their own gods they need

My heart shaped box keeps hungry and glowering
Staring out on Marshall stacks still towering
Hip deep in the hoopla of penetrating confrontation
Lost up in the nostalgia that rocked the nation

Marched out like swamp things of our tribal sound
Still half convinced of the things I found
But, I am wise enough to stop and recognize
That the confrontation is over in my eyes

Just the other day, standing on an elevator
I heard Deep Purple, a hard rock innovator
Played on strings and sounding mellow and pretty
And thought to myself, this isn't even witty

In an eulogistic haze of time and sentiment
We have come to praise the rebels and malcontents
Personifying brilliant musicality in the search for truth
Pushing hard to keep us solidly as an electric youth

In an aging era of talking out our fading legacy
Against the disposable pop of the contemporary
We won't accept this with disregarded complacency
For we have come to mourn our own mortality

(c) June 1, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Nashville Music Row - Tabulated



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