Not Conformed, But, Transformed

Based in part on Romans 12:2:

Battery Park, NY - Teal Seahorse Fountain

Not Conformed, But, Transformed
by Michael Romani

In thankfulness, we live our prayer
With gratitude for God being there
Laying our burdens down to rest
We live our love to the very best

Keeping a song in our dreaming hearts
As God tells the oceans where to start
In the darkness nights, we find our way
Guided by our Father in our day to day

Straddling this world's long fence
Wearing the Word in our own defense
But still keeping our toes in the waters
Daring to go just a little farther

Instead we should be renewing our minds
Keeping our eyes toward what God finds
Is really the best for each of us believers
Too often caught up by the deceivers

Deceptions leading hard into temptation
We followers of Jesus center on redemption
In the beginning was the Word With God
And from Him was made ocean and sod

Written in terms of God's rich authority
Kingdom come told with sincerity
To be listened to in times of contempt
And to ward off the moments that tempt

This will take more than the conversational
Glancing look into the occasional devotional
With a thousand decisions needing to be made
Setting our sights on God's words, we have stayed

Content with starting in the corner being set
Building the four walls straight with no regret
Keeping our focus on the kingdom above
Finding traction by walking the walk of love

(c) May 30, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Burn2 - Fire Rooster -  Gifted Night Walk




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