From the Beginning

Based on John 1:1-3 and 13

Aspen Fell Memories - Train In A Similar Vein

From The Beginning
by Michael Romani

Within God is all that was created 
All the things, we have long celebrated
All of this, He has created with grace
Nowhere can we turn not seeing His face

Baby steps before we walk too far
Gospels read take us to where we are
The breath of God spread on the page
This then tells the story stage by stage

In the beginning the Word was with God and is God
There's no mystery here and it's nothing odd
The Logos is and was the center of all thought
The very mind of God that all of us have long sought

Our own personal Jesus standing knocking on the door
As savior and friend standing there as He implores
That we may be introduced to all of His better ways
To find fulfillment until the very end of our days

To fill the days of our lives with the essence of light
Shining out into this world removing the darkness of night
Things become seen differently and distinguished 
Until the temporary values of Satan become extinguished

Learning to avoid the drama and win our enemies by love
This then is the ways we must emulate from up above
Learning to walk this walk with the light that preserves
This is the kind of life that we all best deserve

God has come to fill our lives with all that is good
The lamb of God serves this up as it's best understood
The price of our sins paid at the foot of His cross
Victory over death in what the world saw as a loss

With sins that bleed scarlet washed pure as snow
The beginning was there on the Cross that we know
The end is not our salvation but it begins there
When at last we begin to live life in absence of fear

Walking side by side with Jesus in this grand victory
We begin to understand our best part in this history
Washed through and through into the newness of you
Setting our eyes on all that is holy and all that is true

If you can conceive Jesus and come to really believe
This is the life that we all are given to finally receive
A gift from heaven sent by our Lord from on above
That we might walk in Heaven's way filled with love

As with many things, you get more with a little less
Turning to the facts and removing all the guess
It may be that some might find it a little odd
But there's more good when you drop an "o" into God

God has come to fill our lives with the holy spirit
Baptized by water and Holy Ghost as we hear it
There is more to life than all that we look and see
With a God shaped vacuum to fill with great accuracy

With all good things filling our souls to the brim
It is the discernment of will that brings us to Him
Talking the talk as we walk His walk in all our ways
These are the things on which our eyes should gaze

(c) June 3, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Aspen Fell Memories - Unhinged Gate of Beauty



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