Legends Persist

Legends persist throughout our culture.  They always have.  I believe they always will.

Tumbling Dice

Legends Persist
by Michael Romani

Choking on the information age
Where everything is instantly all the rage
Be it Britney Spears or history
The internet is here to solve any mystery

We are habitual creatures of habit
Where there's a tidbit, we'll grab it
Facts be darned, we want a good story
Be it one of infamy or one of glory

Though the story is rather nice
The evidence is insufficient to suffice
That the warrior's daughter fought as Mulan
It would appear the story is history mixed with once upon

This is not the only accepted folk tale
That is questionable, but, it's just as well
However, it may seem and justly appear
It makes little difference if there was a real Shakespeare

Stories of Robin Hood in the depths of Sherwood Forest
Rest on the core of the fight for Fitwarin's castle nest
It seems that even the venerable Confucius offers confusion
As scholars try to separate the facts from the illusion

It turns out that William Tell was a tall tale
Of a retold Viking story, but the Swiss revolt went just as well
Sun Tzu is said to have written the Art of War
Now it seems, this was a pen name and nothing more

The list of these could go on and on
Mythic figures of the past and once upon
Though standing tall in the mists of time
Their import on today and tomorrow is sublime

There is one whose life appears a lot more certain
The Healer, the Word, the answer to those hurting
Scholars agree in the historical fact of Jesus
Unlike so many others, now isn't that a funny business?

(c) June 9, 2018   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Lawst  Paraside Art Gallery - Treacle  - Internal Myths and Legends


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