Stumbling Blocks

Based in part on Genesis 35:4:

Sapiens - Cinder Blocks In Space

Stumbling Blocks
by Michael Romani

So many things cause me to stumble
Too many things that make me crumble
I need to castaway all of these things
Readying myself for the things God brings
Standing between who I want to be
And who that I am to put it so simply

Tripping me up as I press to move forward
Knowing I have to push through and toward
Destroying all of the obstacles in the way
Bringing down strongholds to live my new day
I know God has so much in store for me
If only I would surrender to His divinity

To be the person that God wants me to be
I need to put aside the addictive indignities
All the things that get in my way every day
Are the very things that I must put away
Putting off all crutches to rely on God's rest
Purifying myself as I struggle with these tests

Removing the things that act to drag me down
Instead of hiding those things like a clown
Considering all parts of my life keeping me apart
From keeping my Lord close and deep in my heart
Too many things that should be left alone
True to the warning words carved in my stone

Standing in front of a mirror seeing so clear
The need to destroy all the sins found there
With enough integrity to have responsibility
And hold myself and others to accountability
Letting God to take charge of my very life
Finding my way toward peace, away from strife

Letting these gifts of kindness and wisdom
Be the prayerful keys to God's holy kingdom
Walking always to glorify the paths I stride
Putting aside my errors and all of my pride
So that with a single heart I hear your voice
And in so doing make all the best choices

(c) June 6, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Cinema City - Around the Block


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