Inevitable Fall

Despite best intentions, life happens as it happens.

Shattered by Unobtainable Love -A Migraine In My Soul

Inevitable Fall
by Michael Romani

This moment is and has been inevitable
It was always looking for me
My position is less than unenviable
I have exhausted every possibility

I have struggled and I have sighed
The day they imprisoned me, I died
I tried so hard to protect you and failed
In the end, darkness seems to have prevailed

The poetry within me, also, has died
I said staring at the cold, damp walls
At the sense of loss, I have cried
At every indignity, my pride falls

Struggling to keep my eyes where they belong
I hear a voice inside me telling me to be still
Inside my ancient heart remains a warrior's song
But, these odds are not good and I have to be real

I always told you that I would protect you
Keeping you from harm as is my solemn duty
And, I hope, you will know my intentions were true
No matter what comes; no matter what they do to me

Please know that your daddy always loved you
Even while they try to say otherwise
Game, set and match; won as manipulators do
I look out my cell window with unsleeping eyes

Silent tears fall as I raise my eyes toward above
I have tried to teach you to look beyond illusion
Know that I love you with a father's deep love
Please never give into those who seek your confusion

(c) June 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Dickens Proejct - Mankind Is Our Business



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