Sisters In Life

Sisters in this life, that life and even Second Life have this innate need to bond more than clash.  Someone suggested this the topic of a poem.

The  Milky Way  Cabaret - Andoran Sisters


Sisters In Life
by Michael Romani

Despite all the clashes; despite all the strife
Sisters are sisters forever in every sort of life
Allies, partners in crime and sometimes rivals
Each depends on the other for their very survival

Scrap some, patch some, as long as they're together
Whatever the worse that might come, they make it better
Laughing at jokes that no one else understands
They'll take on the world if need be, hand in hand

All the stories that they together will recall
Side by side even with their backs against the wall
Even in the harshest times, the ice cold thaws
And even the worse calamity will not make them pause

It's a bonding deep into each other's very marrow
The shortest point between hearts is a love this narrow
Splashed out sisterly love like ministering angels
The best of love from very sort of angle

(c) June 12, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Museum Art Nouveau - Sisters  of Dance

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