Danced Upon A Muse

Life is filled with happenstance.  Some it just happens to be happier than stance.  This is one of those times.

Extasia Oasiis, Pandora Caverns - A Dance To Remember

Danced Upon A Muse
by Michael Romani

Smitten by my kitten 
Thank God her claws are retractable 
Her love fits tight like a mitten 
She's a force that's unpreventable

Walked into my life without intention 
And now I never want to see her go 
Gonna be her good man in hope of prevention 
I'll never give her cause; instead she'll always know

That my eyes are on her like tunnel vision 
Focused like they should be 
Loving but with determined precision 
That she knows my desire at every possibility
The melody she pumps out 
Plays on my usually restless heart 
Every note removing any doubt 
That I ever want her to depart

I watch her dance in all of her emotion 
Feeling my heart throbbing to her beat 
This thing could get deeper than an ocean 
Who would have thought I'd meet
This beautiful and wonderful kitten 
One night that seemed like all the others 
One look and I was hopelessly smitten 
Knowing that with her I would never want another
(c) June 14, 2018 Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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