Reflections In the Mirror

Eyes may be the window to the soul, but, sometimes mirrors are soul revealing as well…

Lighthouse Gallery -Reflections In the Negative

Reflections In the Mirror
by Michael Romani

Everyday I look out into the mirror
Beyond a doubt, it couldn't be clearer
I'm no longer the man I used to be
And I'm not so blind that I do not see

Another classic moment of inner vision
Not so much one of indecision
Striking true while the iron is hot
There in the memory of the half-forgot

I always tell my truth; I will not lie
What you've had to say makes me choke on my reply
Six pages of your most creative writing
Consisting of falsities and your flair for back-biting

But, when you have your day, where will be your proof?
Any one for justice should be raising the roof
Then at the end of the day, it couldn't be clearer
The guilty face is yours looking out of your mirror

(c)  June 18, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Cammino e Vivo Caovolto - Reflected Scream Sunset

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  1. Absolutely pristine ❤❤


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