A Woman’s Thoughts On Reaching 50

A blend of bits of reality mixed with a column that I read:

Lick - Asian Fusion - Great Blue Heron In the Undegrowth

A Woman's Thoughts On Reaching 50
by Michael Romani

At risk and at torment of feeling superficial
She looks in the mirror, feeling somehow less special
Weight has been gained in new sorts of places
Sagging around the face, neck and other spaces

Mother Nature and time have left these traces
Despite her husband's love, support and warm embraces
Quiet but desperate panic settles awkwardly in 
If only to be twenty nine once again

Meaning has lost its silent satisfactions
She stands alone in her call for new action
Negative feelings and fears have left her mired
And she's like to move past despite being so tired

He looks at her with deep, abiding partiality
Understanding her dreaded fear of her mortality
But, no one get out alive, as they passively say
Death comes to all on their privately numbered day

In the life span of our flailing generation
It's easy to be lost in all of the seeming stagnation
Wishing a legacy for our children held in desperation
We pass the truth on in a shredded sense of regeneration

Living the world a better place is reputable
We desire to leave a mark that is immutable
Her loss of youth is not a loss of her deep beauty
He tells her this truth as is his privilege and duty

Spoken with a quiet, soft and loving grin
He reminds her, the greatest beauty shines from within
And its a better result than Botox can achieve
In passing along and on those things she believes

Hand in hand, he offers her comforting repair
A walk into the sunset away from her despair
As a hand up from her deep hole of morbid anxiety
He whispers her an "I love you" in all of his simplicity

(c) June 22, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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