Chance Encounter

For most of us, it seems from time to time that life is often a string of circumstances in which we try our best to make sense of it all…

SL13B Incredible - The Trump Card -  A Game of Chance

Chance Encounter
by Michael Romani

Like anonymous walls
Meeting in the corner
We stumble, but, do not fall
Stopping like Little Jack Horner
With our thumbs stuck in pies
Providing each other's alibis

It's hard to really know
Which passages to keep in heart
As we live life on the go
Never certain of when to depart
We drift in the love and squalor
As extraordinary as a blue dollar

These are the moments and instances
That make up all of life's coincidences
Bounds of sometimes association
Spent semi alone and in convocations
Modernity's ugly legacy of alienation
Is subtly treated with fascination

As we sit on the other side of the phone
Talking together and yet still alone
Somewhere in the gap between innocence
And knowing; both revealing our pretense
Talking in eerie points of resonance
It is a special relationship of impetus

There is a peculiar sense of business,
In all the practical decisions that lack finesse,
Yet, kill us in all of our dreaded souls
We offer each other kindness meant to console
While some share an unarticulated grief as we mourn
And still others of us have died before even being born

While we are in this world, we week to make connection
Some, such as me, should really stop for directions
Like the inner workings of a watch without its skin
We are gilded by exposure to our daily sins
Missing the marks that leave their scars
We smile at each other, reaching for the stars

(c) June 23, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SL13B Incredible - The Trump Card -  A Game of Chance

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