Diamond Absolutes Betrayed

Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances in which our most cherished ideals have been betrayed and our world seemingly overturned.  I am living this now.  God and time will tell how this all turns out.

New World Enlightenment Fun House - Spotlight Diamond  In the Rough

Diamond Absolutes Betrayed
by Michael Romani

There were diamond absolutes
In all those times before
But, when those times failed to contribute?
Their value was diminished forevermore

Lives lost for the price of a pearl necklace
Love shattered deep inside for all involved
What was magic became a tragic place
And somehow the world called this evolved

From this dark place of conquered fear
A young man dreamed himself a hero
And while this beautiful lie kept courage near
There would be times he felt less than zero

No anguished cries for mercy
Rose above life's gathering storm
All of his belief turned to heresy
As gloom became his new norm

In all of this, he heard the ocean whispering
That hope and love were betrayed
As he watched her take his children
Against all laws, God's and man's, he cried betrayed

(c) July 4, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Amsterdam - Why Can't We Be Friends?

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