As a would be writer and sometime poet and lyricist, language fascinates me.  In these changing times, it seems even punctuation raises some interesting and provoking thoughts.

LEA 16 - Ascension - Blues Speak_001

by Michael Romani

Speaking in terms of hyper-inflation
It isn't just my simple imagination
Exclamation marks are everywhere
Even in the most mundane places, these are there

And there it is, wouldn't you know
These exclamation marks are not solo
Hanging out in groups of two or three
Seems the place for these to be

One alone seems so mundane
It takes multiples for excitement to sustain
That and all caps and multiple letters
There's nothing more exciting than all three together

At the risk of sounding a little dumb
This is the path to nothing less than awesome
No longer a lump and quavering heart
But, anything less and excitement departs

One exclamation used to feel so extreme
In this jaded world, it becomes serviceable it seems
Online exclamations leave plenty to bemoan
But, without them, the lazy cannot set the tone

Shame fills the writer's finger tips
As each of us comes to quiet grip
No longer feeling all that wise
We've each succumbed to the exclamation point's rise

No longer embarrassed by faux pleasantries
We allow exclamations more than sufficiently
To the whimsical point of no turning back
Whether typewritten or indelibly in blue or black

(c) July 4, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Ghazel - Shaheed Minar Monument - To Die For Language





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