On Objectivity No. 2

The recent encounter between CNN reporter Acosta and the Presidential Press Secretary Sanders is only one of many contemporary signs that objectivity and professionalism of the press has gone by the way side.  My response to this and the nearly complete loss of objectivity in society at large is below:

Spin Club - Objected Matrix

On Objectivity No. 2
by Michael Romani

All standards of objectivity
Have long since vanished
Because all of the standards of objectivity
Have long since been banished

In the struggle to move beyond class
Those once oppressed have taken a pass
At any semblance of a fair society
Settling instead on imposing mediocrity

This push for false equality
Has lowered our expected capabilities
And those who can do much more
Are made to pretend to less and poor

This is no way for society to prosper
In expecting the best to defer
Least anyone feel somehow the less
And always leaving achievers at second guess

We should be judged on our character
Pretending differently is like a derringer
A hidden wounder of and to our society
Killing us all in the name of misguided civility

If we want to elevate beyond the broken
We must move together with words openly spoken
In truth and telling it as it really is
Not in the falsity of greater things amiss

For too long, we have simply, quietly rolled
Instead of insisting that truth be told
My passion for remaining silent has grown cold
I am standing now for the truth to unfold

Signing dramatically off-key
About the land of the brave and free
Make wonder just a bit humbly
Whatever happened to truth and humility?

(c) August 3, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

SR Redemption  -Objective Capitalism




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