What Did Mary Know?

Based on Luke 2:52:

Paris 1900 - Mary, Did you Know?

What Did Mary Know?
by Michael Romani

Sweet Mother Mary was there from the start
With love of a mother that would never depart
Providing in part the example for His humanity
A study in relationship of love without vanity

Always striving that we might come to know
The blessings and curses that will flow
Parent and children honoring in relation
How each should see the other with compassion

Jesus leaned so much at His mother's knee
An in so doing, His deity learned a bit of empathy
Dwelling among men and learning humanity
A study in relationship of love without vanity

All of the lessons of our simple childhood
The simple things needed to become understood
How to read and write and worship and play
All lessons of life that led Him to humbly pray

Today as parents, our role is to teach to connect
To give love and support but also to correct
Providing the example of who we should be
Doing this the best that we can and humbly

One of the ways to do this is quietly simple
To bring our children to learn from the temple
As Jesus did as He had to be in His Father's place
Turning to His human parents with Godly face

Amazing in His answers and all of His understanding
His presence was reflective, holy and commanding
Taking on a child's obedience, He grew in realization
That His increase and growth was a prayerful fascination

All of these snapshots of earnest tried humility
Paint our only story of how Jesus grew in humanity
But there in all of this and with holy verity
Is a study in relationship of love without vanity

Picture if you will a wedding without wedding wine
A mother daring to ask the needed from the Devine
A mother knows when her child's time has come
And in so knowing opened the gates of the Kingdom

The Father talking through Jesus' mother 
Helped Him through intuition to become that other
There in all of these merciful steps toward ministry
Is a study in relationship of love without vanity

Parents need to speak the words of encouragement
Helping each to reach for all without detriment
These are the ways of a good and strong family
And is a study in relationship of love without vanity

(c) July 29, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Virgin Mary Cave - Joined In Prayer






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