Daily Prompt – Lantern

Seated there on our blanket by the waterside

We looked up and watch the lanterns glide

Holding you close and safe we took this all in

As I listened to our love blossom and begin

You told me of how you love the illumination

And ran with it from there in your imagination

How light is a sort of magical sense of grace

I smiled as I saw the contentment on your face

You to me are all the world that the best can be

Me to you is the best you can make of my comedy

But, you know that I love you with all that is me

The strands of our love blend into shared fantasy

Anticipation seems to be the start of our night

And you, my dear, are my illuminating light


Ash Falls - Lantern Waterfall



About alohapromisesforever

Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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