Musical Afterthoughts

Music is a universal language that speaks to each of our souls.  In all of my life, I have never someone whose heart cannot be reached through music.  I started my study of music via classical music at a very young age.  This is sort of a look at that:

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Musical Afterthoughts
by Michael Romani

The careful listener in the concert hall
Finds music surrounded in silence after all
If we wish to see music at it's very best
We will feel the silence as it rests

Touch-Me-Not Mozart
Is an afterthought of art
Balancing solemn reflection
Undeniably caught within its insinuation

The alpha and omega are met in this feeling
Immediacy and relevance are sort of a double dealing
Each of these striking a different mood
Neither wishing to ever intrude

Enjoying half a spill of cabernet
As we casually listen to the maestro play
The source of the beginning is felt within the rest
Breathed in - if you would feel it best

The musician throws off the chains
Excluding the outer world that restrains
He merges into that ultimate silence
That exist beyond the strings of his violin

With a peculiar sense of blue serenity
He springs from sublime heights
Until like Icarus over the sea
He falls from the sun into darkest night

Summoning the ethereal beyond human concerns
The musician and composer feels the eternal burn
There in the moments of clever paradox
Are the exotic notes that jest as these talk

Irregular in their compulsive determination
These are the things that stir the imagination
Eighteenth century tonal balance and phrasing
Are defined by their thematic and symmetrical placing

Chaos shimmers through a veil of order
Seriousness and playfulness overlap in their disorder
Loving music means embracing fleeting moments
Infinitely finite in the notes' pleasurable torments

(c) August 16, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Soul of Colors - Rigo Musicale - The Silent Flute



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