Perfect We

A blank verse look at being certain about the uncertain…

SL13B Incredible - The Trump Card -  If The Frame Fits Wear It

Perfect We
by Michael Romani

In a harvest of sentiment
I find my predicament 
How can a man know the future?
Some say that you can't
But, then I want to recant
Because your sign and mine
They fall perfectly aligned
And so do we - 
Don't we?

You nod as you quietly agree
That blend into a perfect we
And that?
That's a little scary
Scary isn't it?
But, then you are not scared
Through of this, we've learned and cared
As you reach out and touch my heart
When you touch my hand
And I know and understand
Yes, we make a perfect we

Fifty two cards 
One for each week of the year
Four suites
One for each season
Each card having it's own meaning
Or, at least seeming
We hope that these might speak
Yet, your eyes say it all
And me?  I've taken quite the fall

Some changes are permanent
As if carved harder than cement
This then is one of those
No words of astrology chose
Will ever mean much to me
We are the masters of our fate
And me?  I'm certain of one date...

The date that we will holding our wedding
A wedding that no planets can stop
Nor hand of cards in a row
It's just one of those things I know
Beyond knowing...
Don't you?
Won't you?
You grin and agree;
We?  We make a perfect we

(c) August 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Home, Sweet, Dome - She's the Keeper of My Heart





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