Playing Along

Play should not be underestimated as to it’s influence on the development of our children:

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Playing Along
by Michael Romani

To this quiet rebel's mind
No child should be left behind
Each child should be encouraged to play
And each child listened to for what they say

Play is that other four letter word
And it's been let go of as a construct
As if it has never occurred
That play isn't a lazy man's concept

There in the expanse of the great outdoors
Is where I dreamed  and learned to explore
Never minding the need to always be busy
Instead always chasing circles until dizzy

This more than academics was our way
To build alliances in our childhood days
And where we actually did learn
To grow and in living life, wizen and discern

After decades of pushing far too hard
The educators have realized this wild card
That play is the source of memory and cognition
As if this was some profound recognition

A child needs to live and freely breathe
Is it so hard to see and conceive
That a child has to be a child
And that demanding adulthood is to be defiled

A child needs to be active in the outdoors
To bruise knees and pretend and to explore
There are a lot perks to playing in the mud
That extended beyond gaining your best buds

Reducing toxic stress and building resilience
Is not some mindless stroke of brilliance
This is especially true for children in poverty
That need so badly true strength in adversity

To deny children this innate nature to play
Is to build sociopaths that will make us rue the day
Far better to allow the dreams, laughter and play times
Than to crush souls and pretend to not then understand the crime

(c) August 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

2018 Easter Bunny Trail - Barnyard Play




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