Seventeen Years To This Day

On 9/11/2001, cowards struck and killed many innocent people for wrongs mostly imagined, some perhaps real.  But, none of these directly attributable to 99% who died that day.  Let’s never, ever forget this.

Sacred Ground - The Outsiders Performance - 9/11 Memories Sharpened

Seventeen Years To This Day
by Michael Romani

In the helter skelter of those moments
We all felt hell's worse torment
Holding our breaths for dark hours
Watching as madmen brought down twin towers

But this was not enough satiate their blood lust
As even more madmen turned the Pentagon to dust
Intending far worse, unarmed heroes stopped that plan
They bravely went to their deaths every woman and man

That is what heroes do for the things they trust
Facing peril and even death when they truly must
It was seventeen years to this very sad day
The things done have left their mark in the worse way

These are the things we hold on to and never forget
And with our solemn vows, we will make them regret
Ever thinking they could take our country down
The blood spilled by these cowards is now our sacred ground

It was seventeen years to this very sad day
A day that changed our world in every way
Making me wonder if this has become our legacy
As we walk our pages of ill fated history

(c) September 11, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

McCoy Island - Twin Towers Flared




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