The Inhumanity of It All

If monsters had their say, what would they?

Sea Monsters - Keeping Out of the Water

The Inhumanity of It All
by Michael Romani

If monsters had their say, what would they?
What are they but creatures of habit that obey
The call of their natures feeding their own needs
And when you cut them sharp, do they not also bleed?

Filled with the strong desire to mostly be left alone
Fleeing light of day they have chosen night as their own
Observing all the happenings that happen in the day
When it came to that vote, they truly saw no other way

Whisper has it that at the turn of this new century
The League of Monsters met to review mankind's history
It was there on that Halloween's night that they talked
Choosing to map out survival instead of choosing to stalk


Dracula spoke first out of memory of being knee deep in mud
Before he realized the gore he stood in consisted of human blood
Marveling at how despite all of blood he shed in all his history
None was close to two world wars and more during the last century

Hundreds of millions dead for the sake of glory and vanity
Even Dracula found this so inane it must be true insanity
For the things to fight for that matter are to survive
And man's killing of man had little to do with staying alive

The Wolfman stood up and took his turn in his hope to learn
What might tame this savage beast and allow them to discern
The curse of the full moon made his something he was not
But when he returned to being a man he had never forgot

That what makes a man is the belief in love and kindness
Wanton murder for political ends was sheer moon blindness
If only he could bear the mark of Cain as only his affliction
But, mankind seems to have a bloodlust as its addiction


Nessie and her kindred quietly spoke up in turn and next
About all the dots on maps for peaceful monsters that connect
A world filled with hunters who would not give them peace
And wondering what it might take to gain hers and their release

No, this was simple enough and plain enough to see so clearly
It had been this way since the earliest days of mankind's history
Mixed in our rubble was the vast and deep inhumanity of it all
It has always been that way since the moment of Eden's fall

If she had one wish beyond days of fish and kelp it was for peace
And that despite the despair she wished for mankind's release
From the horrors too often self afflicted tragic as they are
Humanity did not do well untethered absent focus on its North Star

She raised her voice in a final baleful moan meaning to mourn
Quite certain there are better things for which man was born
If only these dreadful creatures might see beyond primal urge
We might all sing songs of joy rather than be caught in a dirge

(c) October 6, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Mittandraland Mermaid Haven - Loch Ness Monster




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