Globalization and Its Discontents

There is a struggle going on between those who seek to dominate the world under what started as the seemingly benign polices of globalization and those of us who get the need to foster cooperation but remain patriotic to our nations.  This is a poem addressing this issue and some of the subdivisions within it.

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Globalization and Its Discontents
by Michael Romani

Some believe that only in globalization
Do we find a path forward for civilization
Some others believe in nationalism
Both sides their way holds optimism
While holding the other as man's controlling pessimism
And this then is the crux of the situation

The globalists decry this the rise of the right
Those who love their nations bring this to sight
The sight of forced migration changing nations
Feeling overwhelmed even taken over by sensation
As wave after wave feels like an invasion
And what they're seeking is avoiding devastation

The Left seldom tries to see changes or compromise
Instead preferring to speak of how patriots metasize
They make no allowances for reaction to all this forced change
As they push for their preferences and society rearranges
The Marxist paradigm in their view has the only say
And they advocate belligerently that only fools won't sway

It's been a time of Post-World War Marxist infiltration
That has been allowed to seep in to destroy all tradition
Replacing cultural norms slowly arrived at and theology
With a forced indoctrination of deconstruction and ideology
Until nation after nation has compelled to loathing self contempt
While the Left forces its way again attempt after attempt

I find myself aligned with those who are choosing their nations
The globe will be fine with tempered cooperation in this situation
Surrendering power to eventually become one centralized government
Has never shown or proven the way to people's contentment
But, instead has nearly always increased the growth of tyranny
And that, my friends, will never, ever do for those like me

(c) October 12, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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