Daily Prompt – Innocence Lost

Seems like a theme this year so far for this coming Halloween doesn’t it?  I guess it’s been on mind lately that some of our worse horrors are self inflicted by mankind.

USO On Memorial Day - Heartbreaking Politics of War

On Innocence Lost (In War)
by Michael Romani

We make ourselves who we are
The blood we spill is on our hands
Choices made in going too far
Set the limits on our demands

You never step back from your first kill
You can never forget the blood you spill
For certain, it is no part of God's plan
And it's a poor excuse to say you're only a man

The best we can do is to accept one another
Knowing that that each of us is sister and brother
Then we must find our sleep by candlelight
These burning peacefully in the night

Unholy monsters that we've become
In seeking to become that special someone
That might somehow be someone's hero
Only to awaken feeling less than zero

Damaged hearts that seek still to love
Fall to our knees praying to the above
It's a penny dreadful almost from first breath
And the only reprieve might come at our death

We try to become again someone better
Crawling through this life alone yet together
The scars that burn are in their way beautiful
And every moment in seeing is its own wonderful

We went away boys and came back called men
Once so innocent and now creatures of sin
Those we sought to protect make us dream of tomorrow
And in the end, ours is just a little sorrow

(c) October 14, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Gates of Memories -The Warrior Angel and Her Snow Leopard





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