Living In Joy

Based in part on Philippians 4:1-8

Love Story: Season of Joy - Sailing Home

Living In Joy
by Michael Romani

Everything that is said and everything that is done
Is for the edification and glorification of the Son
All the love that He has given to you and to me
Whispers to us in all of their splendid majesty

Raised up from His empty tomb in victory
Each and every day to be rejoiced by you and me
All that is praiseworthy should be seen
As the gifts these are for every human being

In daily prayer we seek in humble supplication
That God's gentle ways will find their application
And that the Holy Spirit fill us with His presents
So that we might always live in His presence

One of the greatest of these is to live in joy
Walking life with this happiness to employ
It is dong this that our life receives its fullness
And in so doing find it's way to completeness

Christian joy is the feeling that we invoke
In all the ways and words of the Spirit spoke
There in all of the good steps walked in design
We find the Word and world beautiful in our minds

Independent of circumstance but hinged on divinity
Nothing we can create but a fruit of His serenity
Pruning back the things that might prove distraction
And gaining more of what brings true satisfaction

The complaints of life can sadly become habitual
Becoming a thing of common daily sort of ritual
It's second cousin rests just beside is criticism
Both of these come from the family of pessimism

Instead we should do everything without complaint
Pressing through life with every fresh coat of paint
Resisting the  inner focus that causes us to argue
In a relinquishment of joy that fatigues me and you

A second secret that openly leads to contentment
Is to set aside the focus on our ways of resentment
Forgiving one another as God has forgiven our ways
The price paid to grudge on in anger ruins our days

True joy is often best found in looking beyond present
Into our tomorrows and finding our contentment
The little things of our confession rob from joy
And instead we should look around and employ

All those things that can increase our happiness
Looking past all the bleakness to find our bliss
Being joyful always and keeping in gratitude
As we keep constantly in prayerful attitude

So many beautiful things that call for attention
Our joy can be found as these move to retention
Living life in right purpose and right focus
Appreciating all the good things God gives us

Letting each person we love know that we do
Looking for the beauty and finding it soul true
Finding moments of song that make us better
All of the love in living our lives being together

God lives in the praises of His good people
Gathered together learning in His temple
Remembering to strive to be a joy bringer
And doing our best to bring joy like a bell ringer

Let's make peace a way of not just contemplation
But something that we do in our every action
Leaving the growls of contention far behind
Striving to be day makers for all that we find

Doing the good deed even where not expected
Paying attention and appreciate the neglected
Simple gestures mean so much who need this
And to live life refreshed is what some miss

We keep the perspective as a pattern of joy
Jesus; other; then you we should always employ
Revolving our universe and life around the Son
This then is how our every day is best done

There then is the consistency that is soul deep
The miracles produced as Jesus and Mary weep
Thankful in the repentance bringing our joy
We pray to cultivate this everyday to employ

October 14, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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