Missing the Mark

Based in part on James 4:17

Tale of Seven Sins - Drink To Me Only With Thy Eyes

Missing the Mark
by Michael Romani

Whoever knows the right things to do
And doesn't do these, like me and you
We're all sinners in our Lord's eyes
And He isn't one to buy any of our alibis

There are the obvious sins of commission
But then there are also those of omission
To keep a clean heart is our personal part
And in keeping to these we should not depart

Our flesh is the temple of God to keep clean
As wise stewards and to avoid what demeans
Then also we must make every effort to love
Keeping forgiveness as we learn from above

The most serious sort of un-Godly breach
Is found in avoiding keeping within His reach
We hold the privilege of speaking in prayer
Yet ignore him though we know He's there

We keep His grace though we don't deserve this
Rarely returning the favor in way of service
There then is the all too human contradiction
Calling ourselves believers while refusing tradition

And so it is when we don't do what's right
Though we know the truth of this shining light
We should be living as though always in prayer
Remembering solemnly our Father is always there

(c)  October 17, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Apothecary  -Danger Sinners





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