Daily Prompt – Integrity

Sort of morally offensive that I feel a need to point out the obvious on this one.  It’s blatant racism that says Kayne West cannot support President Trump or anyone else he choses to do that for.   Further, he’s right, the president should be respected and supported.  He is our duly elected president.  All this childishness has to stop at some point.

Kayne West Visits the White House
by Michael Romani

The screechers ask, how does he have the mendacity
To speak for himself and act as though it's integrity?
Better question, how dare he speak the truth about black family?
This multiple prize winning icon is condemned as the enemy

What in the world is wrong with this man, 
Forgetting his place and what's imposed
Has he forgotten that he's American African
Or, maybe, he sees that as super imposed?

How far off the reservation will this man wander?
Daring to speak out on generational poverty
Talking about the real reasons people don't go
To certain parts of Detroit and Chicago

How far off the plantation will the man wander?
He veers off the established talking points on squander
Didn't he get the memo of talking points
Ask the hidden points of power who think they're anointed

They say that rap is unafraid to speak truth to power
So, why are they shocked and afraid to listen this hour?
I never thought Kayne West would or could be a hero
But to me, his integrity raise him up as no longer a zero

The zero that I had relegated to purveyors of rap
With all its misogynist profanity seeming like crap
When the man speaks up about things that really matter
You can almost hear the DNC's collectivist chains shatter

They want to accuse him of being status obsessed 
While treating him like some sort of property possessed
I'd say that maybe I could be easily amused
But, this is definitely a case of power abused.

(c) October 17, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved









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