Portion Control

Stuffing my face at yet another late night dinner, I started thinking just now about portion control…

Nocturne-Vampire the Masquerade-  Heat Is On Sinn City

Portion Control
by Michael Romani

The city we live in
Is full of bustle and vim
It's every corner offer toxicity
With stories to be told both bold and witty

Still, sometimes it's hard to know where we fit
When the coffee-a-go-go wants us drinking a bit
A quiet moment spent in reflective conversation
Helping to reassure us about our fascination

It seems to me, it's all about portion control
In every capacity, it's wise for the soul
If successful living is to be our goal
Then picking the right puzzle piece to extol

Like having a drink or two 
Might relax me and you
But one too many and there's no doubt
It's sure to leave us down and out

Or, the dark chocolate morsels that we never miss
The moments of delicacy that sweeten our kiss
One too many bites and we soon loose our way
It's best to limit the dalliances of our day

Yes, it's true as it surely seems
There are too many distractions from our dreams
But, the one thing I cannot get enough of?
Are those moments with you and our sweet love

(c) October 25, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

La Clef des Champs/City - My Heaven On Earth




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