We Hide

I don’t think it is too controversial to presuppose that each of us has at least a little dark side to us.  That seemed like a topic right for this Halloween season.

Suaimhneas Lovers Hideaway - Silent Serenade From My Heart To Yours

We Hide
by Michael Romani

The monsters that we hide
All those demons inside
The truest us we cannot train
That part of us; we at best restrain

This darkness finds its way to escape
Out into the world; its mischief to make
Though we'd like to lock it away
It overcomes us as we continue to stray

Knowing in our best us; the Lord wishes us to avoid
All these ways that is by wickedness employed
In making us and reshaping us without outward sign
All of this in contravention to God's good design

Let loose on all the unsuspecting sheep
It's enough to make grown men weep
In whispers we speak of our tortured souls
And hurt aloud about those moments we lose control

(c) October 25, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Haunted Hideout -  Don't Feed the Trolls




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