Darkness Over Light

Dark over light… light over dark.. which side wins?

Wonderland Dark Forest - Keeping Faiith In Meandering Darkness

Darkness Over Light
by Michael Romani

Darkness seeks to conquer light
In a daily seduction that brings night
It matters little if you believe in God
Though the Devil laughs at this as quite odd

The scorpion still strikes its sting
No matter what disbelief the stricken brings
And so it has been since the beginning of time
As demi-gods and demons pose as being sublime

In all of mankind's cosmological lot
Evil never forgets what good has seemingly forgot
That this is a struggle to be fought and won
And all that is God must prevail or be done

The hounds of God and Hell bay endlessly
Circling each other as if friendlessly
For all of mankind's tortured theology
We fail to comprehend all of this tragedy

Lucifer was once an angel of light
And now must content himself with night
At least until the day he might prevail
And all of the world become as Hell

Unending torment refuses to relent
As long as Legion refuses to repent
Demons rip into us, heart and soul
While daily we struggle to regain control

Little scorpions of sting are everywhere
Even present silently injected into our prayers
I swear my allegiance  to protect your heart
And promise will be kept until my mortality departs

(c) October 26 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

LEA17 -The  Tarot Gaden -Darknesss Confused As Light




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