Rezz Day Poem For SliverLight GypsyHeart

Her guy was out of town so I didn’t feel right taking photos of her to put up in my blog.  Still, this lady has a wonderful music venue that is in SecondLife and she is about the nicest person ever to all who come to know her and her venue.  She sings there as well.  Anyhow, birthdays are called rezz days in the virtual world and to celebrate her day of coming into life there, I wrote this:

Spirit of the Outback - Beautiful Tricks Worth Crawling Out of the Grave For

Pearl Beach Rezz Day
by Michael Romani

Pleasures washed upon a pearl beach
Sonic treasures brought within reach
For ten years going on sweet and strong
You, my friend, have brought the gift of song

Pleasant moments of epiphany 
Tangled in that star crossed symphony
From the moment we start to realize
The power of looking in each other's eyes

Hours of shared tunes and laughter
To be remembered here ever after
All of these things you've shared
Some of us watching, know how you've cared

I smile back my bit of fondness
For your name; it whispers of once uponness
That time spent in music and dance
Has brought many of us fine romance

So, I thank you with much gratitude
My gypsy friend from a Southern latitude
Though I often have kept my distance
I must say with some insistence

May you have the happiest of days
And long be remembered for your ways
There are so many gifts that you have shared
I, among many, am so very glad you dared

Happy Rezz Day to you
Happy Rezz Day dear Gypsy
Happy Rezz Day to you!!

(Thank you for bringing each of us so much happiness
     May your day be filled with much bliss!)

(c) October 26, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved (with the exception of the right to happiness 
and my that be full throttle with no reservations legal 
or otherwise...)

Spirit of the Outback - Even Scarecrow Loves Tricky Licks







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