Patience: A Virtue Not A Test

Based in part on the Book of Habakkuk 2:3:

I sure needed this sermon today.  Patience is the kindness that so many of us struggle with isn’t it?

[Eclectica] A New Dawn  The Moon Brought To Light

Patience:  A Virtue Not A Test
by Michael Romani

God fills us with the spirit's fruit
Doing for us while we contribute
Through walking our walk in prayer
That all aspects ripen in our everywhere

Patience today is mostly a lost art
Hyper-connectivity holds our part
Next day delivery is our expectation
Anything less meets our rejection

Signed, sealed and delivered clear
Contractually present near everywhere
Patience is a virtue we need to cultivate
It's a value on which we need to meditate

Waiting just a little longer in willingness
Is the way for us to keep in our happiness
God looks at the calendar instead of clock
And we want to rush along in our daily walk

It's a testing of faith to strengthen endurance
It's the patience of the big picture's occurrence
There is a better life found in delayed gratification
As we learn to wait and find our best satisfaction

God's timing is really meant as our preparation
We have ways and means of growth in expectation
To become who we need to be to make this best
It's the appointed time  we wait for and not a test

Patience is also to allow others to learn and grow
There is so much that we need to live and know
Though there are times that feel so frustrating
We must find ourselves in peace willingly waiting

We ask that the Lord be patient as we grow
This same principle applies to us and we know
If God can be patient with us as no others
We too should be patient with one another

Patience is the willingness to try yet again
This is the true nature of bearing with friends
There are struggles that we fight without end
Its in trying again and again, we find we can depend

To become all that we are and let others be
This is the path to walk on our way to being Holy
Trying over and over as we walk and then fall
Only to get back up pressing forward past this wall

Patience then is the process of our completion
Others are to be loved not seen as complication
There are might works begun in me and you
And all of these will be finished as meant and we do

The lessons we will come to learn along the way
Each in turn part of reaching our best, better day
God's promise is that all situations work for good
Let us each remember this and let it be understood

(c) October 28, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Devil's Point -   Reflections On Patience




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