A Witch’s Power

Which witch is which? Or, it merely a switch of power in the name of femininity empowered? Just in time for Halloween, Netflix releases a series in which Sabrina becomes a more powerful character than in the Archie comics…

Lost Unicorn Sanctuary Revisited-- Three Witches

A Witch's Power
by Michael Romani

In the name of darkness, the pledge is fealty
Made in submission to evil's satanic majesty
The fantasy of witchcraft may to some rile
But gives a sense of power where power seems futile

Gone is the sense of weakness of human ties
But gone too is the need for reliance on alibis
With a courage bold enough to challenge injustice
A teenaged with is done with all of this artifice

There in her complex sense of teenaged interrogation
Is the questioning of unchecked authority's infatuation
With those things of tongue in cheek invocation
Is the search for integrity and desire for dedication

She's a quirky spirit unafraid to speak her soul
And challenge even the Devil's own control
Nonconformist in need of her own place of solitude
The fairy tale which is not Sabrina's attitude

Instead she is the free thinker made more malleable
With a full sense of all the mastery of which she's capable
A witch's power begins at knowing which witch is which
And then laying that self knowledge and laying it on thick

(c) October 29, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Witchwood - Dyrad In A Druid's Dream




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