Two Sided Coin

Angel or demon?  I suppose that each of us has a little of both, right?

Fear, She's the Mother of Violence -  The Duplicity of Janus

Two Sided Coin
by Michael Romani

Somewhere there in the echo chamber
Is the runaway moment of inner danger
Deep inside our hearts, lost within our minds
Is the labyrinth we cannot leave behind

There inside that Rorschach splatter
Are the things that really matter
To get to who it is we really are
Touching so close requires we go this far

Sometimes we wish to refuse to see
But to get to the best us, we must eventually
We must reach our dark turned into light
And our light into our darkness, if we might

Reach for all we are truly meant to be
We have to refuse to be too blind to see
All that we are binding our two sides
And then we must refuse to hide

(c) October 29, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

The Planets - Mercury, The Winged Messenger - Mercury Coins






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