Ashes of Daybreak

Maybe it would be better to start this look at Julius Caesar sometime around the Ides of March?  Still…

Nocturne-Vampire the Masquerade- The All Seeing Owl

Ashes of Daybreak
by Michael Romani

Brushes with death lived as life
Young Julius pushed on through the strife
For every young Roman searched for his virtue
And would earn this in battle and numbers slew

From the crumbles of fallen society
Arose this new warrior like nobility
Soldiers dreaming of their rising
Fight their ways to all their desiring

Such are the ways of future glory
Becoming the battle hardened warrior story
Spreading empire through spilled blood
Rome grew into iron empire calf deep in mud

Slave built Rome spawned its own rebellion
Led and fought by Spartacus and other hellions
It was against this rebellion that Caesar stood
With Crassus, he urged legions to fight as fight could

It would be a fight that just might
Lead to victory or Rome's defeat at first light
The Battle of Silarius is remembered with heartache
But Rome won it's victory...
                      There in the ashes of daybreak...

(c) November 3, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Nocturne-Vampire the Masquerade- Alms For the Living




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