Shoreline Conditions

Part IV of the story of the fall of legendary Troy:

Angels & Demons: Eternal Conflict - Winged Warrior

Shoreline Conditions
by Michael Romani

All the terms and conditions
In even the earliest renditions
Speak of two lovers washed on a shoreline
Hand in hand, impervious to their crimes

They sought only to obey the wiles of love
Thinking themselves willed as if from above
Never daring to believe there was a cost
And soon enough all they cherished would be lost

An elopement that would bring war
The price to be paid and then more
The kings of all Greece would unite
With Troy left no choice but to fight

Helen comes before the rulers of Troy
With all of her wit and charms employed
To plea that they might try to understand
Knowing her future to be at their command

A forced love had been forced and contrived
And this new love born as she had survived
This second chance had all things needed
The former Queen of Sparta quietly pleaded

To the Greeks though this was another story
One that would demand they seek from Troy
The just form seen for their good recompense
It mattered very little the blood or expense

Honor had been brought to sheerest of ruin
And all of Greece in umbrage and stewing
Those that weren't would have to fight anyway
Such were the demands of honor in that day

Bleak actions would come from the decision
That words and love meant more than the derision
The derision that comes from cheap offers of gold
To replace the king's queen in these days of old

War it is and war as savage as it ever was
For the King, honor of Greece and just because
All of this for the love of a woman seen as possession
And the price to be paid would become a legendary lesson

Offers to the gods would change the winds
As the god and goddesses once forgot became friends
Though long forgotten, the priest payed for mercy
Not one of them daring to see this as a wicked heresy

Artemis would have her demand for an unholy price
The just of war has always demanded deep sacrifice
The price demanded this time being the king's daughter
And that by his hand, she would become slaughtered

(c) November 3, 2018  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Poetry of the Planets - Mars, The Bringer of War





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